New Gloves for the New Year

Well, it’s 2011! I always make several resolutions for the new year, but stop a few months in. But this year I’m doing it differently:

1.) Keep my room clean. My mom is always pestering me to clean my bedroom, and it doesn’t really work out. If my room is kept clean, it can be painted a different colour, so I want to keep this one.

2.) Make time for sewing. Ever since I learned how to knit, it’s all I ever do! I want to do more sewing this year.

3.) Stop reading so much! Most people probably wouldn’t put this as a resolution, but I’m such a bookworm. I always read my books really fast so I want to slow down and not rush through it. Plus, I’ll get more sleep, instead of reading till 11 or 12 pm.

4.) Get straight A´s. No explanation needed.

5.) Keep my resolutions!

Now that I’ve told you my resolutions, I can get on with today’s post. Of course, it’s some more knitting.

They were really easy to make, that is, once I got it right. It took me 3 tries. The first pair was too big, then the second attempt was too small. I guess 3 times a charm. By the way, happy New Year. What are your resolutions?


About toknowistolove

Hi! My name is Stephanie. I'm a 9th grade student in western Canada, who hopes to become a fashion designer. I like sewing, reading, and outdoors-y things. Please do comment on the projects I post, it would absolutely make my day :)
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2 Responses to New Gloves for the New Year

  1. Donna Stevens says:

    Hi, Stephanie. Your fingerless gloves look great! I love the color and think it looks so nice w/both your outfit and your pretty eyes.

    Good luck to you – and follow your dreams, girl! I live in New Hampshire but have cousins in Nova Scotia. My grandparents were born in Halifax!

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