Time to take a bow

But not that kind of bow, bow as in fabric, ribbons, shoelaces… the cute kind! I’ve always loved bows, I think they make everything just a little sweeter. I actually have this t-shirt with a big satin bow appliqued on the front (and for the Canadians out there, I got it at the superstore). Anyway, I had these scraps of fabric, and I didn’t know what to do with them. It was really nice fabric, so I didn’t want to cut into it and destroy it. Another thing was that they were really small, probably only about 10 cm across, in both directions. And I had 5 pieces this size. But today, after school, I took the plunge. I decided last night what these scraps would become: bows. Didn’t expect that now, did ya?  I cut only 3 of the 5 pieces.

Sorry for the side-ways picture. If I rotate it, it squishes it, so I thought, at least this way they’re in proportion.Each bow probably measures about 3×5 cm, hence the burdastyle name ‘mini bows.’ I hope to get my hands on some full-sized fabric this weekend, but I will sew before then again. I actually have some pieces of fabric left from my tote bag that I made a couple of weeks ago. Any ideas as to what I should make of them?

. I’ve thought of quite a few ways to wear these: in my hair, as a necklace (on a chain, ribbon, or pearl necklace), and as a brooch (did I spell that correctly?). These were so simple to make, they probably only took a few minutes each, plus ironing.


About toknowistolove

Hi! My name is Stephanie. I'm a 9th grade student in western Canada, who hopes to become a fashion designer. I like sewing, reading, and outdoors-y things. Please do comment on the projects I post, it would absolutely make my day :)
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2 Responses to Time to take a bow

  1. Tegan says:

    Hi Stephanie.
    These bows are super cute! The yellow one is my favourite.

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