A Tote Bag For Myself

After I saw iro iro’s beautiful polka dot tote bag, I knew I had to make one as well, and not just because it was so cute. I needed one to carry my school stuff- binder, book, lunch, and extra clothes for P.E. On one occasion, I actually dropped my books while crossing the street. Fortunately, iro iro wrote a tutorial, which I mostly followed….

I don’t think that it’s strong enough to carry everything, but it will definitely help. And it will make a great accessory! I just love the strawberry-floral pattern. It’s also fully lined in a bright yellow cotton, and I did 2 rows of top stitching on the straps.

All credits for the pattern go to Sophia, over at http://iroirocrafts.wordpress.com/ If you haven’t checked her blog out yet, you really should. Also, thanks for checking out my blog, please leave a comment, and if you have a blog, I’ll definitely check it out!

P.S: Sorry for the date on the pictures, it’s clearly wrong as they were just taken today


About toknowistolove

Hi! My name is Stephanie. I'm a 9th grade student in western Canada, who hopes to become a fashion designer. I like sewing, reading, and outdoors-y things. Please do comment on the projects I post, it would absolutely make my day :)
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2 Responses to A Tote Bag For Myself

  1. iro iro says:

    Your bag is so cute! Glad you like the tutorial – it’s great to see people using it 🙂

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