Hello world!

What do I write about? These were the words I was thinking after creating this blog, just last night. I know it’s going to be a sewing and fashion blog, but the details of it all are hard to think of. The hardest part was choosing the name. I could have done something sewing or fashion related, but it didn’t feel right. I thought of a few names, but then ended up with To Know Is To Love. I think it will suit this blog very much. I hope to have some sewing creations to post this weekend, and maybe a weekly blog post of some sort (I’ve seen a lot of ‘I love…’ posts) Until then, have a great week, I know I’ve enjoyed it!


About toknowistolove

Hi! My name is Stephanie. I'm a 9th grade student in western Canada, who hopes to become a fashion designer. I like sewing, reading, and outdoors-y things. Please do comment on the projects I post, it would absolutely make my day :)
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